IT Support Plans

We're always here when you need us


We put a huge amount of time, effort and expertise into supporting our clients and are passionate about helping businesses with their IT. With our training and experience, gained at an enterprise level, we are able to advise businesses of all sizes how to resolve existing issues and also to develop a future IT strategy with them.

Our support plans are based on a simple, clear and transparent cost per unit per month. We charge based on the number of:

  • Physical servers (non-virtualised)
  • Physical virtualisation host servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Network PCs
  • Cloud PCs (if applicable)

The subscription based model ensures you only pay for what you use, for example if you buy 10 more PCs (that we support) the price increases and likewise if you remove 10 PCs the price decreases. We will invoice you at the end of each month based on your usage and fees are collected by direct debit.

We primarily offer two types of support plan (bespoke plans are available in specific circumstances) which are summarised below.

ProActive Plus

Our ProActive Plus support plan provides complete support for your whole IT environment including servers (physical and virtual), the network infrastructure and your PCs. As the majority of issues that impact on users are either related to the infrastructure as a whole or their individual PC we highly recommend this plan in most cases.


Our ProActive support plan offers a lower cost alternative to the complete cover provided by ProActive Plus. This plan includes the same service for your servers and network infrastructure however no support is provided for your PCs.

Agent & Anti-Virus Service

We offer clients who do not require a support plan, but wish to have anti-virus protection and our BIT Monitoring agent installed, this entry level service. By having our agent installed we can provide support, when needed, much quicker and easier via remote control.

While this service does provide comprehensive anti-virus protection and eases support when required it does not include any monitoring, support time or any of the other benefits provided by our support plans.

Ad-hoc Support

For smaller businesses with very basic support needs we do offer ad-hoc support based on our prevailing hourly support rates.  While we provide this in order to offer smaller businesses a flexible option it does not include any of the monitoring and proactive maintenance included within our IT support plans.

All support plans provide support Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm.  Work conducted outside of these hours is not included unless agreed in advance with BIT Solutions.

Support Plans cover work/time to maintain, support and resolve issues with the EXISTING (in situ) infrastructure.  Consultancy work is the installation and configuration of new solutions including hardware, software and any other new services.  The final decision as to whether an action is covered by support is that of the Managing Director of BIT Solutions.