Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider we will configure the right solution for you

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure have revolutionised the public cloud offering in recent years and now provide businesses with a vast range of options.  As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider we have proven experience in providing our clients with a solution that suits both their needs and budget.

Whether or not a public cloud can meet your business needs will vary based on the complexity of your requirements, how flexible/bespoke you need the solution to be, your budget and whether there is an offering which suits the purpose.  We have designed, implemented and continue to maintain a wide variety of solutions for our clients utilising Office 365 and Azure.  However we have found it is best suited to either very basic needs or when used in a hybrid scenario (hybrid clouds are when some services continue to be delivered by on premise servers while others are providing by a public cloud provider).  For example, if your business only needs an enterprise email solution then Office 365 offers a number of email plans at very competitive prices.

The limitations of public clouds, as discussed above, is the primary reason why bigger companies, or those with more bespoke needs, prefer to utilise private cloud solutions such as our own enterprise cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 organises its different offerings into Plans which cover a vast range of services.  These include business suites (which include multiple services such as file storage and email), the popular Microsoft Office applications and product specific plans for services such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync).  The plans on offer are expanding and improving all the time.

As a Cloud Solution Provider you can purchase the plans via ourselves, often at the same cost, which means we deal with all billing, administration and support.  This avoids having to deal with the large Microsoft call centres which are not UK based.

Our consultants can design and install the various services to meet your business needs and then, as part of a support plan, provide ongoing support of the Office 365 environment.



Microsoft Azure is a Cloud Computing Platform that provides a range of services.  Unlike Office 365 there are no pre-configured services but instead a clean canvas on which you can build systems to meet your business needs.  As such this is a far more flexible platform that is able to cater for bespoke needs but the level of technical expertise required to implement and maintain the services is much greater.

Popular uses of the Azure platform are Web apps (to run your web sites), the hosting of Virtual machines, SQL databases, Machine learning (for predictive analytics), Mobile back-ends and the deployment of Windows client applications in the cloud.  As with Office 365 we can manage all of the billing, administration and support of these services therefore avoiding the need to deal with Microsoft call centres.

Again our consultants can work with you to design and implement the correct Azure solutions to meet your business needs and then a support plan can be taken out for ongoing support.