In-House Support

We're here to assist your in-house team when needed

An extension of your internal IT team

The majority of our clients use us as their dedicated IT support company and do not have internal IT resources.  Running an in-house IT team is an expensive option as it not only means the cost of direct employment (salaries, sick pay, holidays, etc.) but you also have the on-going costs of training staff and they only have exposure to a single IT infrastructure (rather than having experience in a range of environments).

However, some businesses either due to the industry in which they operate, their size or legacy structure require in-house IT.  Often these teams are under substantial pressure to ensure the day to day smooth operation of the IT infrastructure.  As a result they struggle for resource or expertise when a major issue is impacting on their IT infrastructure and/or when a large project needs to be completed.

BIT Solutions work in partnership with many in-house teams in order to provide the necessary resources, skillset or expertise to either address business critical issues or undertake a specific project.  Our engineers work closely with your team and fully integrate with your business needs, ethos and philosophy.

IT Outages

When a critical IT outage occurs we can quickly provide engineers and consultants, with the appropriate skillset and experience, to identify and resolve the issue.  IT outages can be very costly to a business such as loss of revenue, reputational loss and impact on staff moral.  As such it’s important the issue is fixed as soon as possible.


There are times when the business requires your IT department to undertake a project, often to implement new technology, in order to meet a business need or change.  These types of projects can often be hard for in house teams to complete in a timely manner due to the level of resource within the department, the skills available or the experience members of the team have.  Our consultants can work with your internal team to deliver a massive range of technologies and solutions so that the business can move forward.

IT Audits & Reviews

It is often useful for a different and fresh eye to review your IT infrastructure in order to help formulate an IT strategy which can address issues impacting on your current IT infrastructure, identify areas which can be improved and explore newer technologies which may be of benefit.  Our consultants are able to conduct high level or deep IT audits in order to fully understand your existing systems and then to detail our findings, and recommendations, in a comprehensive report.